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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Inday Barretto --- Why did she have to air the Barretto family’s dirty linen in public?

Nakausap ng PEP si Mrs. Inday Barretto sa isang exclusive interview tungkol sa mga naging issue at away ng pamilya Barretto sa isat isa. Narito ang ilan sa mga transcript ng nasabing interview.

PEP: Why did she have to air the family’s dirty linen in public?


“I don’t really intend to make this a world war. This is not North Korea or South Korea."

“This is just between a mother and a daughter."

“And what brought it up naman are these things in Instagram and Facebook, kasi technology idiot naman ako."

“But things are getting out of hand kasi, nagkaka-volleyball na ‘yong magkakapatid—she said this, she said that, you know, di ba?"

“Lahat naman silang magkapatid has an issue against her [Gretchen]. Anong klase akong nanay na ang mga anak ko, nagkakagulo, and I don’t do anything about it?"

“Ako ang neutralizer."

“I have to come in the picture kasi hindi ‘yon… it’s not anymore an issue between Claudine and Gretchen and Marjorie.”

“Then, maski hindi totoo, masakit. So once and for all, sabi ko, ‘Aba, teka muna. Let’s put things in place already!’”



“Hindi naman madali ‘yon para sa mother, to talk against sa daughter."

“But it’s bad naman for the daughter to talk about the mother and the father and her family."

“Saan ka naman nakakita, anak aawayin ‘yong nanay? Saan? The more she does that, the more it will provoke me to correct.”

“We have always been like that."

“If you want, I can give you pictures of my family, because pictures do not lie."

“We have birthdays and Christmases and New Years and Valentine’s."

“We had that golden wedding anniversary—it was bongga! One of the beautiful [and] talked about, not because it was mahal, but because it was full of sentiments."

“All these things, we have always been like that."

“We go to expensive and not expensive places. We go to Hong Kong. All of us!"

“We have Sundays, go to resorts with our children in Liliw, Laguna. Hindi naman bongga ‘yon, ang saya-saya namin.”



"When she comes in the picture, nag-aaway. O, see, masama na naman ako, sinasabi ko ‘yan! Pero that’s the truth."

“Every time she comes back, may nag-aaway, pinapaaway niya lahat!

“For the longest time, pinapabayaan ko na.”



“Okay, I made a statement. If you read it again, it’s been there, it’s everything na answer sa Facebook na sinabi ni Claudine na she [Julia] will be Teleserye Princess, tignan mo."

“Kahit binibigyan siya [Claudine] ng [title na] Princess, ng Queen, o kung ano, she never [flaunted it] because Claudine is just there for the job. Wala siyang burloloy-burloloy."

“Siguro, nagkamali ako do’n nang sinabi ko na she [Claudine], kahit totoo naman during her time, na she’s not [just] a Teleserye Princess, she’s a Teleserye Queen during her time.”

 “Siguro, naiinis na ako. Galit na ako, nasabi ko ’yon."

“E, of course masakit, pero masakit din sa akin ‘yon."

“Nasabi ko na e, what can I do?”

 “Maybe God wants them [Gretchen and Marjorie] to know how it feels like kapag nananakit ka ng tao, kapag ikaw ang binuweltahan. Masakit, di ba?"

“Anyway, hindi naman ako religious na nagsisimba araw-araw, pero I believe in God. Kasi ‘pinagdasal namin ng asawa ko ‘yan, e. Kasi, away sila nang away, e.”



“Ano’ng pinagsasabi ng Tania na ’yan? Does she read or what? Wala akong sinabi..."

“Ang sinabi ko lang, ‘I am now letting go of a child who never wanted me.’

“Kasi gusto talaga nilang i-ano si Claudine, e, dine-distract nila."

“Gusto nilang palabasin na sira ang ulo, nagwawala, gano’n, gano’n."

“Sabi ko, ‘To save a child who has always been there for us, for all, and with all of her love…’ Ang daming naiyak no’n, especially the ones who know what Claudine has been through with."

“Hindi ko sinabi na ‘itinakwil,’ it is different from ‘letting go.’

“Siya [Gretchen] naman ang lumayo sa amin e, di ba? Sa letter ni Gia, ‘I understand that you don’t want to be part of our family.’

“So wala, siya ang nagtatakwil.”



“If you read again what Gia says about it, it was nothing derogatory to her [Gretchen], except na all this time, ayaw [ni Gretchen] sa amin."

“‘Yon lang, walang nakakasira, ‘yong ST lang."

“Kasi alam mo, ‘yong ST Queen, nakakasira talaga. Ibig sabihin no’n, ang sama naman [ng] ginawa ‘yan.”

“Never naman siya nag-frontal nudity! In fact, wala nga siyang breast exposure.”

“It’s out of my anger e, nasulat ko lang."

“Siguro God’s will din para malaman niya [Gretchen] na hindi ka puwede apak lang nang apak sa tao. Masakit din pala kapag ikaw na inatake.”

PEP: Does she have a message for Gretchen? ---


“I don’t want to address this to her because, like I said, I don’t intend to prolong this war and make a Third World War with this thing."

“But ang comment ko, generally speaking, the trouble with lying, if you are to quote me, is you have to tell more lies to support it."

“And if your character is not credible, you will have, sadly, you will have to turn to people, [na] bayaran."

“Ewan ko kung anong [ibig] sabihin niyan [bayaran] sa ‘yo, but I’m not addressing it to anyone.”
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