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Friday, April 26, 2013

Jay-Jay Barretto on Claudine Barretto --- "She's been provoking Gretchen for so long."

Full Transcript and summary of the published letter and interview of Jay-jay Barretto, brother of actresses Gretchen, Marjorie, and Claudine Barretto. It is about the current feud of sisters Gretchen and Marjorie with Claudine.

PEP: Why is he speaking up now?


"I couldn't stand it anymore," "We've been very divided since Claudine started acting up, and I felt that I had to say something. Especially when my mom wrote that letter—what was that about? Why did she do that?"

"We're all in agreement—my brothers, Marjorie, all my siblings, although one is in the States. We're solid on this. We're all affected by this thing my mom did. It's my mom and dad with Claudine."

"Please, we're not ganging up on Claudine. We want to help. But she's able to convince my parents that she doesn't need help, and they believe her! They're the ones who should see that she really needs help."

"Please, this is my family we're talking about. This is not easy for me. You've never heard me talk, and I still don't really want to—but that letter! It's just not right and it's not even true!"

"I love my mom. I'm close to her. I'm a Mama's boy. I'm the last person to go against Mom. When she hears about my letter, she will get the shock of her life. But I couldn't take it anymore. I'm going to bust."

"Please, make it clear that I'm not fighting my mom. I just want to make her stop. But she's not listening—otherwise, she would never have made that letter public."

PEP: So he did not know that his mother was getting a letter out to the media talking about the conflicts within the family?


"No! None in the family knew! The family was not consulted. She took it upon herself. She just went out and did it."

"She had to show Claudine that she's siding with her. She did this at the expense of the family! My mom should've thought about it a million times. And if she had asked us, we would all have said no."

"I was so shocked when I found out there was a letter. I was even with my mom and dad when Gretchen texted. I had to go drive and get a copy of The [Philippine] Star. When I read it, it was too much!"

"When I spoke to Gretchen, she was crying. She tried to talk, but after a while, humahagulgol na lang siya. Iyak nang iyak."

"Look, I'm close to Claudine. I'm close to Gretchen. But Claudine has got to stop, kawawa na si Gretchen!"

"Wala namang ginagawa si Gretchen. Iba na ang concerns niya ngayon. Wala, tahimik na lang siya, ang tagal na."

"Claudine is the one that's on the offensive. She's magulo. She's fighting everybody—that's true! She's the one provoking. Claudine's been provoking Gretchen for so long.

"If Gretchen speaks up, my mom will hit her and defend Claudine to death. She puts Gretchen on the defensive. Then Gretchen doesn't say anything to defend herself. But Claudine can make my mom believe that Gretchen is after her!"

"With this thing of my mom, Gretchen just kept crying. Calling her an ST Queen! My mom could have defended Claudine, but to hit Gretchen, when Gretchen worked for the family!"


"You [his mom] have lifted Claudine on a pedestal as the teleserye queen and labelled Gretchen nothing but an ST queen."

"But who took over the role of her parents, worked at the age of 12 and gave up her education to put her siblings to school?

"Who put food on the table, paid for the rent, electricity and hospital bills when dad suffered from his heart condition at least two times?"

"Gretchen would cry to me in those days because she couldn't get any of her money, except that 100 [peso] allowance—not even money for a set of clothes. And she worked really long hours, I saw that for myself."

"My mom and dad asked for a meeting. They had gone to a rehab center in White Plains, and they had been advised to attend to Claudine's illness right away. The very next day, they were supposed to bring my sister to the hospital. For her treatment, she was supposed to have a twelve to eighteen months' stay, the doctors said."

"But when my parents spoke to Claudine, she told them 'I'm okay, I'm okay. Lahat okay.' Paawa si Claudine. I don't know how, but she managed to convince them that there was nothing wrong with her, and that Gretchen was the only one saying she [Claudine] was sick."

"Now my mom's obsession is to protect Claudine. Hinaharang niya any moves to make Claudine do anything. She [my mom] just goes on believing that there's nothing wrong."

 "Wala sa amin ang problema. They—mom and dad—should solve the problem."
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