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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Jay-Jay Barretto to Mom Inday: “You want to fix this family, fix Claudine”

Transcript of Jay-Jay Barretto Exclusive Interview with PEP on the Barretto Family controversies:

 “I don’t really come out, I don’t say anything,”

 “Even in the Mon Tulfo thing, I didn’t say a thing. But that one showed you what kind of person Claudine is, what she’s capable of."

“Wala ako sinabi. Even in Claudine’s quarrels before, wala. Ngayon lang ako nagsalita. Banatan na nila ako, I want to tell the truth."

“This is not my doing. Mom should never have put out that letter.  Sobra na itong ginawa kay Gretchen. Awang-awa ako kay Gretchen. She didn’t start any of this, e, di ba? Siya ang in-attack ng mommy ko. Why would I not come to her rescue? You know what I mean?"

“Prinsipyo na ito. What I’m saying is just the truth. Now if the truth will hurt them and lumabas na sa publiko, that’s not my doing. I just have to refute all the lies. All the lies. I cannot stand it anymore."

“Si Gretchen and Marjorie walang ginagawa. Si Claudine umaatake. Si Mommy kinakampihan pa siya! Tama ba iyon?"

“Si Claudine sinasabi wala akong utang na loob. Pero hanggang saan ang utang na loob? Kelan siya matatapos sumingil?”

PEP: On being an addict

“She’s calling me an addict? I knew she was going to use that. Sige, magpa-drug test kami. Anytime! Kaming dalawa ni Claudine. I challenge her. Tignan natin kung sino ang addict. Let’s see who really is on drugs.”

“I had drug problems, but I was never like Claudine. I never gave problems to the family. I just stayed by myself. I had bad judgment once in my life, but I did something. Sana si Claudine din."

“I went to rehab, I don’t deny that. I was lost, but I got myself sober. Mom and dad should seek help for Claudine."

“Huwag ibigay kung ano ang gusto ni Claudine, ibigay kung ano ang kelangan. Get her a psychiatrist, get her... If she has a problem, she should seek help."

“Si Claudine, dapat mag-iba ng behavior. I hope mamulat din katulad ko. I changed my life. Now I live a good, clean life. It’s simple but it’s good."

“Inaayos ko ang buhay ko, inaayos ko ang buhay ko. I hope she does also. Magbago na siya. Mag-iba na siya ng buhay. I’m proof that you can change your life.”

PEP: On Parents

“Mom opened the floodgates. Before this, wala naman. Tahimik lang kami. Ngayon, sino nag-expose ng hiwalayan? Sino nag-expose ng sakit at pagwawala? Hindi nag-isip si Mommy! Napapahiya ang dad. Si Mom is overdoing it.”

“She probably thinks it will bring back Claudine’s career. She’s [Claudine] getting talked about. Even if it’s in, wow, a negative way. She’s [Inday] gloating at the attention—at the expense of the family.”

“I love my mom, please understand, and I know mahal niya ako. Mas mahal pa nga niya ako kaysa kay Claudine, e. So I don’t want to sound like I’m fighting her."

“Pero, prinsipyo na ito. I have to do what’s right. I have to speak up even if it’s hard for me personally. "

“I cannot comprehend what kind of mom would expose her family like this—just to please Claudine!"

“Mom doesn’t listen to anyone—not even my dad. She doesn’t even consider that my dad just had a heart attack recently. He’s had a series of attacks. She doesn’t think that this might kill him!”

“In the condo, I saw my mom, she went out of her room. She was trembling. Talagang trembling! I hugged her, just to make her stop. I even called my sister-in-law.

“This happened not just once, but several times, this year. Si Claudine na naman ang kausap sa telepono! Nag-aaway sila [ng mom]. Minsan, meron na namang nangyari sa kanila ni Raymart, sa bahay nila.”

“Pag hindi inaaway si Mom, inuutusan si Mom awayin ang kaaway niya. Yes, she wants Mom to fight for her. She expects Mom to take up her battles."

“Claudine can’t do all the fighting herself. Gusto, kaaway niya, kaaway ni Mommy. Isang tawag lang ni Claudine, si Mommy…,”

He says his parents really put their lives on hold for Claudine. “Every time my parents want to go home to Subic, they can’t. Because they’re always on their toes waiting for something to happen."

“The phone may ring. They don’t know what time it will come. Kahit early morning iyan, it comes.”

 “Violent si Claudine. Hindi na naawa sa mommy, si Dad, nag-heart attack. Ang problema, two, three a.m., tumatawag si Claudine!"

“Violent na away na naman doon sa kanila ni Raymart. She calls so many times in one day! They pick her up. Or they go there to see what’s happening. This happened so many times!”

“Claudine needs professional help—anger management or something. Her moods are unstable. One minute, she is so mad; one minute, she is so mabait."

“Ano sakit niya, I cannot say. Mom says Claudine is bipolar, manic, whatever... All I know is—it’s not the same Claudine.”

“Si Mommy, nagsisisigaw, umiiyak ’yan all the time because of Claudine. Sabi ko, ‘Pucha! Oo, you [Claudine] claim na binuhay mo nga ’yong magulang mo, e ngayon pinapatay mo naman.’”  

“Yeah, I’ve always been neutral. My God, I’ve always been neutral."

“Si Claudine, she had my back for the longest time. Until, hindi ko na kaya ’yong ginagawa niya sa magulang ko. Di ba, I was telling about the calls, and my dad just having an attack, and si Claudine pestering them left and right?"

“Doon na ako nainis. For the longest time, these past few years, I was even closer to Claudine than to Gretchen. You know what I mean? Oo, parati kong kinakampihan ’yang si Claudine, pero hanggang saan naman, hanggang kailan?”

, “Kung si Claudine ang bumuhay sa mommy at daddy noon, siya ang pumapatay sa kanila ngayon.

“Iyan ba ang kapalit sa tulong niya? What good is that kind of help? They’re old already, they need some rest.

“Sure, they have utang na loob kay Claudine. Pero hanggang saan nila ito-tolerate si Claudine? Up to when magbabayad ng utang na loob si Mommy at Daddy?”

PEP: On Claudine

 “Awang-awa ang mommy sa kanya,” he says, referring to Claudine’s present troubles with her homelife, career, and health.

“E, sabi ko nga kay Mommy, ‘You cannot defend Claudine all the time, Mom. That’s not the way to solve the problem. Solve her! Iyon ang solusyon—ayusin mo siya, ayusin na natin.’”

“You know, for my mom’s and my dad’s sake lang, you know, I just kept quiet. Pero I’ve been telling them over and over again, ‘Mom, we have to do something!’

“The whole family actually, iyon ang talagang ano namin. They’ve [his parents] been trying to hide it. They’re all in denial. Na walang problema si Claudine, na si Gretchen ang may problema!

“You know, if there’s anything good that will come out of all this—iyon lang, na maayos na si Claudine. Kasi kung naayos na nila si Claudine nung December, none of this will happen!

“Even my brother [Mito] said, e. We were talking, my brother and I. Sabi niya, ‘Kung nakinig lang si Mommy when she called for that meeting, and we all talaga, we were firm, wala, all of this wouldn’t have happened.’”

“Mom’s always spreading that Gretchen will come out and talk in The Buzz. Ilang buwan na niya sinasabi iyan. ‘Lalabas na si Gretchen! Lalabas na si Gretchen!’ Wala naman. I said, ‘Mom, did she?’

“Mommy is Claudine’s co-dependent. She [Inday] is an enabler. In rehab, they tell you that an enabler is someone who protects the addict who is both in denial and not normal.

“When Mom, when she called us to the meeting, itinuloy na dapat! Di na dapat ito [public exposure of the family’s troubles] nangyari. Pero naunahan na ng mga pangyayari.”

He says, before hanging up, “You know, I just came from church. I prayed for all this to stop. I pray even more now, I just pray.”

But for all this to stop at all, everyone in his family has to see what is key, says Jay-Jay: “You want to fix this family, you fix Claudine.”
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