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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Full Text --- Message from Monique Wilson to Vice Ganda

“To Vice Ganda and other media personalities who trivialize rape: Use your celebrity status to promote awareness of the issue of violence against women, so that you can contribute to ending violence, not be instruments in its perpetuation because of your lack of empathy.

“Do not capitalize on the pain and anguish of others. Immerse yourself in education and understanding of this issue because actions like this—the mockery of such a serious crime against a woman—is one of the things that keep impunity in place.

“To be held in admiration by people in our industry, show business, means you have a huge responsibility—because people look up to you. You need to carry the gravity of this with more mindfulness and sensitivity, and operate always with love, respect and kindness.

“And it is not just rape—to mock a woman because of her size and weight is also a form of violence against her.

“I would suggest you go to (feminist group) Gabriela—and sit in a session of one of the survivors of violence support groups that they hold each month.

“Listen to the stories of the women who have been raped, or whose daughters have been raped, by fathers, uncles…  and gang raped by the military, the police… just listen and take [everything] in.

“Visit our comfort women lolas at Lila Pilipina. They will tell you stories about how they were raped 70 times a day by Japanese soldiers for years, when they were just 13 or 14 years old. And how they are still waiting for justice now, 65 years later.

“Be grateful and humbled by what you hear because you will never want that kind of violence to be done to you or to any woman or girl in your life.

“And I hope what you hear pains you and enrages you, so that you will want to use your celebrity status in every possible way, to help end violence against our sisters and our mothers.

“While you are there, watch and observe all the tireless women’s rights activists who devote their lives to ending violence towards women, who risk their lives getting justice for them.

“There is much to learn from them. You will be opened in ways you never knew was possible.

“Your understanding will deepen. Only then will your heart understand why mocking rape and any violence towards a woman is not a subject you should build your career on.

“And why it is reprehensible in any space, in any platform, most especially on a stage.”
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