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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Well-Rounded Education in iAcademy

iAcademy aims to produce a college graduate armed with a well-rounded education, purpose-driven in such a way that they can translate what they learn into real-world applications.

College is not a one size fits all concept.

That is just the reality of it. You graduate high school at 16 or 17, and you are already expected to make a decision that will shape the entire course of your future. While it is rarely talked about, a lot of people know that it is not something students get right on their first try.

The truth is, these are teenagers you are putting in charge of making a major, milestone decision that will define the rest of their lives. What happens when in the middle of it all, something shifts and they decide to become an artist instead a doctor? When they realize that their true passion lies in something apart from their current major?

One in three students will decide to transfer. For whatever reason a student will want to explore other options, it will come down to students seeking an environment where their inherent talents and interests can be cultivated in an educational and social setting that will hopefully provide them with a rewarding and successful future.

The goal is to produce a college graduate armed with a well-rounded education, purpose-driven in such a way that they can translate what they learn into real-world applications; training that combines theoretical with practical, concepts and numbers, people and profit, left brain ideals with right. And it better be something that they are passionate about.

Is that too much to ask?

Not exactly. It is all about asking the right questions before committing to a new school.

First off, consider the curriculum—

Classes are a big part of the college experience; logically it means it will factor in into who students will become on a personal and professional level. Do courses or classes provide in-class and practical instruction?

Second, in a world anchored on technology that is constantly evolving, think about how technology factors into the educational experience. What kind of technology will you have access to? How is it integrated in the classroom?

Third, is the social aspect of a school. Understand how you can get a feel for the culture, how interaction with peers and classmates will be relevant. Remember that college is just as much about the educational fit as it is the social aspect.

Finally, is the overall environment designed to make students ready for the workforce? Too often, schools focus so much on the theoretical side of learning that they forget that they will one day send their students off into the real world, to fend for themselves in corporate settings teeming with political agenda and intense competition. Nothing teaches students better than hands-on immersion into what is waiting for them outside campus walls, which can be done via internships, study abroad programs, mentorship programs and other non-classroom educational initiatives.

Yet despite a student’s need to explore other educational opportunities, it is the logistics behind transferring to a school that can potentially nurture their inherent talent and interests that proves to be the biggest obstacle.

“There used to be a big stigma attached to transferees, which is usually based on the speculations people had about why they moved schools. Realistically though, these students go through the same stringent process of application and usually do so because they finally found a school that caters to both their interest and the potential to build a future career,” explains Mr. Mitch Andaya, Vice President for Academics, iACADEMY.


In any case, schools like iACADEMY have made an effort to make it easier for transferees to explore educational options available to them by simplifying the process. For instance, one of the biggest questions that students and parents of students interested in transferring have is whether their current accumulated college units will be credited by their new school. Another concern is that despite knowing that their current college is not a great fit for them, they don’t really know what the next steps are.

Andaya adds, “we have managed to simplify this process by putting prospective students or transferees as the priority. Interested applicants may send in their application forms with their transcript and we can get back to them within 24 hours with an assessment. We also have a team of trained counselors who can guide them through the process of identifying their major as well as academic consultants who can discuss their next steps in detail.”

Transferring to iAcademy can never be easier. Those who are interested can start by doing these three easy steps:

1. Get a copy of your current college transcript and download the iACADEMY transferee application form from the website.

2. Fill out the form and bring it when you visit the campus.

3. Upon submission of the application form, iACADEMY’s admissions counselors will provide you with the following information:

a. Which of your current subjects and units will be credited to iACADEMY after transfer.
b. Schedule for guidance counseling regarding your academic future with our team.
c. Detailed next steps on what you can do to move forward with the process of transferring.

For more information, you can visit iacademy.edu.ph, call (02) 889-7777, like
Facebook.com/iACADEMY or send an email to inquiry@iacademy.edu.ph. You can also drop by the iAcademy campus at 324 Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, Bel Air, Makati.
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